Contemporary jewelry is one of the hottest areas in fashion at the moment, and as soon as we found APHER® Jewelry & Solids we knew we had to bring the brand and its amazing designer Angela, into our community! Berlin-based, Angela Geisenhofer, creates beautiful and unique jewelry that we all want to get our hands on. Her spiritualism and mysticism are reflected in her designs, which leads us into a deeper state of mind. Although APHER® only started two years ago, the striking gold and silver jewelry has definitely caught our eye, and Angela’s story has just made us more interested. To welcome the brand onto YUGEN, we interviewed Angela on her inspirations and aspirations, as well as her journey to creating APHER®:

First and foremost, how did you get started in jewellery making?

I started making jewellery when I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Knowing that I had other abilities, my professor had repeatedly forbidden me to paint. While the majority of my classmates were producing large and loud works, my pieces became increasingly smaller. 

We love your very distinctive aesthetic. What would you say influences you and your work?

The spirit and appearances of the Dadaists and Surrealists, especially the female Surrealists, play an important role in my inspiration and motivation. The pureness of Louise Bourgeois’s works, who remained true to herself and her art throughout her life, encourages me enormously. Science fiction literature and movies stimulate my thoughts and support a better understanding of the material at hand.

Apher necklace Apher rings

What is key, crucial to you in your creative process?

I’m very interested in what physical sensations a piece of jewellery causes to the wearer and how it appeals to the beholder. For example, I love to watch how in movement the tip of a hanging chain earring gently touches the curve between the wearer’s neck and shoulder.

What prompted you to start APHER® JEWELRY & SOLIDS?

During my studies, I was inspired by the idea of offering the exclusive art object in multiplied form, to make it accessible to everybody. I wanted to produce independent jewellery and lifestyle objects by hand. In addition, I wanted to make unique pieces but also have multiple available. Some years later, in 2018, I founded the brand APHER® JEWELRY & SOLIDS to continue this idea.

What are some of your hopes and expectations for the future of your brand?

My wish for the future would be collaborations with all kinds of artists to place the brand even more in the art world. I would love to see my pieces in exhibitions, performances, and installations.

Lastly, who are you designing your pieces for?

Those who have thunder in their hearts and tempest in their souls. Those who love and live fiercely and follow the path of their hearts.

Apher Jewelry & Solids Apher headpiece

We are very proud to showcase APHER® and its intricate pieces, and can advise anyone looking to add some amazing jewlery to their shelf, its worth checking out Angela's whole collection.


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