These are challenging times. Whether you’re on lockdown, in self-isolation, or simply following social distancing measures to flatten the curve, it’s very easy to fall into the coronavirus spiral - (yes, if you bought 20 rolls of toilet paper you classify).

Staying quarantined at home is hard, but staying quarantined at home alone is even harder. As humans we crave connections – to our family, friends and nature - to thrive and feel at peace. However, despite how difficult the current environment is, don’t forget, we are not alone. The world might be locked up, and we’ve lost some of these connections, but it doesn’t mean we cant still communicate! Social media use is surging as everyone turns to the digital world, and they are doing so in some pretty creative ways…

We have brought together some of the best trending Coronavirus hashtags to bring a little sunshine to these cloudy days 😊

#StayAtHomeChallenge: ‘Stay at Home’ is the COVID-19 mantra; a message to the public to stay quarantined at home to save all lives. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially for extroverts amongst us, but perhaps a #stayathomechallenge might do the trick.

#handwashchallenge: Tired of singing Happy Birthday (twice) while you wash your hands (to fill the time)? William Gibson, now brings you a new online tool that generates NHS hand washing step by step infographics with your favourite song lyrics. Here is an example: 



#SafeHands: Under #safehands, Twitter has created a new handwashing emoji to further remind us of the need to wash our hands thoroughly - (with soap!) - during this pandemic. 

Handwashing is a potential lifesaver – we need an emoji! 

#ViewFromMyWindow: People are coming together to share inspiring and picturesque views, and to remind us all that it is the small things in life that bring us the most joy.


#QuarantineAndChill: You will all know ‘Netflix and Chill’… well why not Quarantine and Chill? After all, there is no better time than during a pandemic, for you to catch up on the latest Netflix hit.

#artquarantine: Who would have thought, being stuck inside would spark such creativity. Whether art is a life passion, part of a mindful therapy, or a product of boredom, people have risen to the challenge, flooding social media with their artwork. Here are some of our favourites:


 #toiletpaperchallenge: What started off in the world of football and the likes of Messi and Neymar showing their skills, has now evolved to include the most unsuspecting targets: your pets.



#iamnotavirus: Remember that the new coronavirus is never an excuse for racism nor discrimination. We’re all affected and we will only get through this together. In these times of difficulty, it’s even more important we pull together as a community and share our love… we are all suffering together


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#IAMNOTAVIRUS // two days ago two teenagers screamed at me “corona virus!!!” and ran away from me, people switching the seats on public transport to avoid me, Uber drivers are covering up their faces when I enter the car. all of this is the result of media’s illustration of the whole corona virus situation, some even call it the “China virus”, making it their gateway to legitimate xenophobia. In no way am I trying to downplay the situation. As a healthy young woman I’m not fearing for myself, but for the elders. I can totally understand the safety measures to cancel concerts and events. I myself already reduced my travel to only if it’s really really necessary, avoiding crowded places and wash my hands as often as possible. to quote @evayoung_ “the virus does not discriminate on gender, sexual orientation, or race and neither should you.” the best thing one can do right now it to inform yourself, look at the right numbers, question the way the media is portraying the situation, and if u have some spare money donate it to organizations which bring medical gear to all the health workers like for example @directrelief ✨

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People are stuck at home but the world keeps spinning, and in some cases, improving. From clear waters in Venice (Italy) to improving air quality in Beijing (China) and silence in the world’s top cities; perhaps the earth is enjoying this breather. Air pollution levels and greenhouse gases are dropping significantly as coronavirus impacts work, travel, and tourism… let the optimist in you smile.

What can you do? 

Stay positive, Skype your family, do home workouts, bake, play Houseparty with your mates, check in on elderly neighbours who are spending their isolation alone, and take care of your loved ones. Just make sure not to do anything stupid, or you might be labelled with the best hashtag of all… a #covidiot.


Text: Carlota Pano  

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