The past several months of quarantine have left many of us unable to leave our house, as the 24-hour pajama look became the new norm (for those with no video-call obligations). With no more parties to attend and people to impress, many of our best spring-summer pieces remained forgotten at the back of our closets. YUGEN has decided that should not be the case. We have prompted our creative community to bring out their best outfits - the ones they’ll be wearing out and about once we’re back to (safe!) socialising. Check out these five creatives’ quaranstyles and embrace a great dose of fashion inspiration. 


Giorgia Andreazza (@centodiciasette

Creative Director and designer of eponymous Milanese label Giorgiandreazza, Giorgia is interested in all things non-binary. Defined by a dynamism and self-proclaimed detail obsession, Giorgia is driven by an evolutionary transformation, deconstruction of ideologies and research of art forms. Her label has been featured at the Milan Design Week and in magazines such as Fucking Young, Metal Magazine, i-D and Vogue, among others. 

Giorgia Home Styling

Her strong aesthetic derives from an array of inspiration sources of socio-cultural, environmental and political origins. These are translated into her choice of fabrics - high-tech but handcrafted, water-repellent but hybrid, fire and bulletproof 

Helena Litvinyuk (@lytvah)

Helena is a costume designer from Moscow, Russia. She mostly works as part of movie, music video and advertising commercial production, but she has also dabbled in the creation of fashion editorials and experimental shootings as art director and model. What she loves about her work is constructing a character through their clothes. 

Elena Home Styling

“Shapes, textures, colours - everything can tell a story, so it's really important to keep the vision fresh and be open to inspiration wherever it comes from. I love the moment when something appears in my mind, something I've never seen before, an image or a colour combination I'd like to use in my work. It can happen when I'm just listening to music and imagination flows, or I can get inspired by a beautiful movie frame; even colours and textures of everyday life objects. The most important aspect for me is to be open minded and stay curious.”


Shaheen Khan (@shaheeennk)

Born in India and currently based in Milan, Shaheen is graduating in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni. She is a self-proclaimed artist existing in fashion, as her design process has been more or less personal. The project she is working on currently oscillates between scribbles produced in times she has dealt with anxiety and channeled it out onto paper and embracing the scars caused in the process. 

Shaheen home styling

Her quarantine inspiration is the very chaos of the human mind and feelings, the process of internal emotional growth. She visualises this ever-evolving process through digital moodboards, referencing Kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold - as a metaphor for picking up the pieces when feeling broken and reinventing yourself. 

 Isolation inspiration

“These images have inspired me, as quarantine has made me deal with my chaos of thoughts amidst my last month of Fashion Design without most of my resources.” 

Oliwia Jancerowicz (@oliwiajancerowicz)

Oliwia is a freelance fashion assistant and producer living in London. She has worked on numerous shoots for publications such as L'Officiel, Vogue Italia, Attitude Magazine, while also running her own publication called The Lust Album that features works of emerging photographers. Oliwia’s outfit is styled by Lily Bling and is a #WFH inspiration. 

Oliwia Home styling 

“I am a big drag and cinema fan and this quarantine I’ve been staying inspired by watching old seasons of Drag Race and Ryan Murphy series.”

Alexa Chirila (@lucyyfurrrr)

Alexa is a stylist and art director currently based in London. Coming from a post-Soviet environment, Alexa has found her way of expressing a refined Brutalist vision through her international coming-of-age experiences, which turned out defining for her artistic aspirations, shaping her interest in all that is experimental and subversive. Seeking the meaning behind superficial manifestations of aesthetics, her creative path is marked by many influences - from music and sound, to underground cinema and performance art. A devout visual researcher, her appreciation for contemporary art in all its forms is translated into fashion images characterised by an ever present contradictory persona: the austere rebel. 

Alexa Home Styling

“These past few months I have been watching spring unfold on my daily walks. I’ve always been in awe of this process of rebirth, but this time, with nothing else going on, nature has my full, undivided attention. And the Athenian sunsets never cease to draw me in.”


by Alexa Chirila

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