Diving into Wearable Art and Architectural Influence: An Interview with Kinks Lab

Redefining Wearability and Challenging Conventions through Experimental Accessories

In the world of fashion and design, Kinks Lab stands out for its bold and experimental approach to creating accessories. With a design philosophy that emphasizes female expression and wearable art, this innovative brand is redefining the boundaries of traditional accessories. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the minds of Andrea and Sam, the creative duo behind Kinks Lab, to explore their unique design process, the influence of their architectural background, and their vision for the future. Join us as we uncover the inspiration, craftsmanship, and vision that shape the intriguing world of Kinks Lab.

YUGEN: How does your design philosophy impact the creation of your bold and experimental accessories, and what does it aim to challenge in terms of wearability?

Andrea & Sam: At Kinks Lab, we strongly believe in empowering females to express their unique aesthetic perspectives. Our design philosophy revolves around creating statement accessories that push the boundaries of wearability and elevate the user's experience. By exploring unconventional forms and sparking dialogues, we redefine the traditional notions of accessorizing and encourage individuals to embrace new ways of self-expression.

YUGEN: In what ways does your background in architecture influence the design process of your accessories, particularly in terms of enhancing three-dimensionality and bridging the gap between technology and traditional craftsmanship?

Andrea & Sam: Drawing from our years immersed in the architectural field, our design process is driven by innovative solutions that enhance the three-dimensionality of our accessories. We strive to establish a harmonious connection between technology and traditional craftsmanship, ensuring that our creations bridge the gap between these two realms. Each collection we launch starts with envisioning the integration of specific architectural elements into our accessories, allowing us to infuse them with a distinctive aesthetic and functionality.

YUGEN: Could you share with us the inspiration behind your favorite project or design from your portfolio and what makes it stand out?

Andrea & Sam: One of our most cherished designs is the Intertwine ear climber from our first collection. It holds a special place as one of the first pieces developed by our brand. With its signature blob element, this design exemplifies our commitment to redefining wearability. It seamlessly combines artistic expression with functionality, enabling individuals to adorn their ears in a captivating and unique way. (This piece is also available on Yugen platform.)

YUGEN: How do you strike a balance between utilizing technology and preserving traditional craftsmanship in your production process, particularly in terms of embracing imperfections and experimentation?

Andrea & Sam: In our production process, "Kinks" symbolizes imperfect replications of traditional craftsmanship, while "Lab" represents the avenue for conveying experimental art through technology. Achieving a delicate balance between the two is integral to our brand's DNA. By employing traditional craftsmanship, we ensure that the digital form is achieved while embracing imperfections. This approach allows us to create experimental pieces that preserve the essence of our brand. 

YUGEN: What inspired you to incorporate Blobitecture into your accessory designs, and how does it align with the core values of your brand?

Andrea & Sam: As architects, we have long contemplated the downsides of the efficient cityscape we inhabit. The lack of character in the form of almost-identical skyscrapers led us to express our creativity through jewelry. Embracing the organic and curvy form of Blobitecture, we draw inspiration from its freedom of space and limitless architectural possibilities. By incorporating this concept, we challenge the conventional notions of accessory design and align our brand with the idea of architecture without limitation.

YUGEN: How do you challenge the definition of wearability through your accessories, and what kind of user experience do you aim to create for your customers?

Andrea & Sam: At Kinks Lab, we constantly explore the intersection of art and fashion, striving to design creative wearable art. We believe that jewelry shouldn't solely be treated as an art piece but should embrace different body parts, transforming them into wearable art. Our accessories offer a unique user experience, captivating observers and sparking intrigue. With designs that blur the line between traditional jewelry categories, such as rings and earrings, we aim to create pieces that are both visually captivating and conversation starters. (You can refer to the Iro Ring, available on Yugen, as an example.)

YUGEN: Could you walk us through your creative process, from concept development to the final product, and how you strive to create unique and engaging designs?

Andrea & Sam: When embarking on a new series, we begin by defining the central topic and identifying the specific mechanism we want to incorporate. From there, a significant portion of our time, approximately two-thirds, is dedicated to the trial and error of experimental forms. We push the boundaries, constantly challenging ourselves to go beyond mere aesthetics and create designs that provoke meaningful dialogues. This iterative process involves refining the balance between functionality and artistic expression, ensuring that our pieces not only captivate visually but also inspire conversations and connections.

YUGEN: What are your future goals for Kinks Lab, and how do you see your brand evolving in the coming years?

Andrea & Sam: We see ourselves as a designer brand and bringing Kinks Lab to Fashion Week is our dream. Over the past years, runways only accept clothing brands. We understand accessories are in the role to assist or elevate the outfit, but we want to challenge such conceptions. We are exploring various possibilities for having an accessories brand on the stage. In fact, we watched some accessories brands showcase their collection with performing arts at fashion week. We think that may also be a potential way to showcase our products as well.

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