Introducing GIORGIANDREAZZA, the latest addition to the YUGEN platform! We are big fans of Giorgia’s transforming artistry and self-defined aesthetics, and are thrilled to have her as part of our growing community. This is her story.

Italian born Giorgia Andreazza founded her eponymous label, Giorgandreazza in 2019, only a year after majoring in Fashion Design at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan. Since then, the brand has been featured in Vogue, Fucking Young, I-D and GQ among others, participated in Altaroma, held pop up stores during Milan Fashion Week and presented its debut collection in February 2020 – an amazing list in such a short time! Giorgia is quickly creating a name for herself, with her dramatic, expressionist and powerful styling, appealing to the emerging generation of young artists. She has already been able to collaborate with likes of Roshelle, Elettra Lamborghini, Ghita and Gemitaiz (to name a few), further evidencing her widespread appeal.


Having spent most of her childhood at her mother’s textile workshop, Giorgia knew from an early age that her family would be a strong supporting pillar. With Giorgia in charge of all things creative, from the design and material research to the modelling and art direction, her mother (who has 40 years’ experience and used to make her costumers for carnival) helps with the samples. Together, they are “the mind” and “the arm” of the brand. Her father, who taught her how to find shapes in the clouds, is the missing part of the puzzle. He helps with logistics and is “the genius of the solution” - the brand’s own artisan, creating shoes and bags, dyeing fabrics and attaching studs.

Much like her family’s cross-industry skills, Giorgia’s inspirations are diverse and unrestrained. Driven by a natural desire to explore evolutionary change and deconstructionism at its core, she is guided by the dynamism and movement in her life. The people she meets, her transforming experiences, and the world’s current affairs are all filtered and conceptualised under her aesthetic lens, into revealing and exploring collections that touch socioeconomic, cultural, environmental issues in her condition as a young emerging designer. Whether this is through the use of corporate waste from Venetian companies or the serial accumulation of second hand clothes that she takes apart to create new, Giorgia battles the current fashion climate and culture of overproduction and pollution. Each piece is made to order, handmade, and one of a kind.


Bursts of material with super-imposed textures and honed cuts continue to drive Giorgia’s idiosyncratic message home. Combined with her self-expressed attention to detail, Italian tailoring finds a place within the visual extremities of style and character, speaking of the designer’s beloved origins and the attraction to shape and form. Contrasting and connective, Giorgia’s rare union of creativity, storytelling and construction is uniquely imaginative and differentiating.

It is inevitable then that Giorgia would cite Martin Margiela as one of her biggest professional influences. With his knack for the artistic remodelling, recycling, and transforming processes, he inspired Giorgia to design smart and local by observing what is available and creating the best out of it - and this is exactly what she has done. While intelligent fabric choices like high-tech, water repellant, hybrid and bulletproof materials determine the flexible nature of Giorgia’s clothes, it is her androgynous vision and experimentation with structures and decompositions that open her clothes to all entities. At Giorgiandreazza, there are no boundaries, no rules, but instead, overlapping textures and energies that carry an idea; a message for anyone that understands, speaks, or identifies themselves with Giorgia’s language.


Always loyal to her creative inner world, Giorgia imagines an artistic future for her label. More sustainability, self-awareness, growth and collaborations with musical artists and the costume design world will be the next steps to feature in the journey of this bright young artist.

by Carlota Pano


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