We at YUGEN are excited to introduce you to the next brand to join our platform: H E L E N A T H U L I N. We love Helena's bold colours and one-of-a-kind creative styling, not to mention every single piece she makes is unique and of the highest quality - worthy additions to anyone's collection. 

Named after its founder and designer, the Paris-based brand produces distinctive jewellery pieces that use beading techniques to reflect the beauty of the natural world. An alumnus of Studio Berçot - other alumni include Roland Mouret and Isabel Marant - and having experience working at Chloé, Sonia Rykiel and Simone Rocha, Helana demonstrates her finely developed creativity with striking floral designs. To mark the launch of the brand on Yugen, we interviewed Helena about her artistic inspirations and the journey from the brand’s beginnings to now:

First things first, what were your initial inspirations to pursue jewellery design? And how did that impact your creative style?

Having a bi-national French and Swedish identity really shaped my creativity. I discovered Sweden very late in my life, so as a kid I used to draw a lot of landscapes that I would imagine to be Sweden from my Father’s stories and the movies I would watch, like Pippi Långstrump. I would say that having to imagine a country that is part of me but unreachable at the same time, made me go through a creative process of imagining nature in another environment than my daily one. This inspiration is something I keep when I create my jewellery.

You have a really original approach to design, what artistic influences helped to shape H E L E N A T H U L I N?

My family is a big advocator of the Impressionism era so I’ve always had this fascination for colours and finding the perfect palette. My main inspirations are Redouté, Monet, Hockney, Raf Simons; the colour palette and embroidery details from vintage Dior or Balenciaga haute couture collections; and even herbalists’ drawing works. Photographers like Raymond Depardon or Lars Tunbjörk are also a big-time inspiration. I have very eclectic sources of inspirations it really depends on the story I want to deliver.

How would you describe the fundamental identity of your brand?

I created the brand in 2018 but it took me a year to really shape the concept and create the first collection. H E L E N A  T H U L I N  is a botanical and modern brand that aims to bring nobility back to the technique and craftsmanship of beadwork. Concepts of ethicality are also very important in the brand and I am trying to respond to that as much as I can by using the best and eco-friendly materials as possible and have the minimum amount of waste as possible.

Helena_Thulin_3 Helena_Thulin_5

What considerations did you have to make in order to make this identity a reality? 

As I really want to offer a new highlight on the craftmanship beadwork so the main challenge has always been the same for me: keep the production local and still deliver an affordable price to the customers. I’m trying to be part of the game-changing that is happening right now and help us to consume better together. In the production costs, the time spent on a piece is as important as the material used - the handwork is as valuable as the crystals and any precious material used.

Who would you say the “protagonist” is of H E L E N A T H U L I N? 

All people seeking modernity and new ways to express and consume.

What is your vision for the future?

I see the future as an opportunity to collaborate with artists or fashion brands for special projects and create a sort of community around the brand.

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YUGEN is very grateful for the chance to share H E L E N A T H U L I N and its beautiful designs with you - we hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

By Jonny McKinnell


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