YUGEN Presents - KIKIITO's MUGEN Collection at London Fashion Week

Although Covid-19 threatened to hinder presentations at London Fashion Week, internationally celebrated designers and emerging brand wouldn’t be stopped. Reflection and innovation prompted by the pandemic provided the most heartfelt and poignant collections seen in years. This LFW we had the amazing chance to work closely with luxury bag brand KIKIITO and bring her digital fashion presentation to live. Those of you who don't know Kiki can read the brand story here

Japanese-born and London-based, Kiki was the first designer to launch a collection on the YUGEN platform, and a brand we fiercely believe has a bright future and a beautiful journey worth sharing. When the opportunity came to work together on this project, we were ready to roll-up our sleeves and get started. What was originally meant to be a limited edition bag collab, quickly grew into a full-scale London Fashion Week presentation production. Within a three week timeframe, we distilled a creative concept, put together a brilliant team and did the impossible to deliver the jaw-dropping short fashion film.


The concept for the promotional video and the MUGEN collection is based on Kiki’s past versus her present. She has always been in the role of the maker focused on her craft and production details and now she is emerging from behind the scenes with bold statement designs and colors combinations completely out of her comfort zone. Designer Kiki recalls building strong relationships which made her grow out of her box and reinventing herself. She saw things from a different perspective and this is now deeply embedded in the new Mugen collection.

Behind the scenes KIKIITO x YUGEN Behind the scenes KIKIITO x YUGEN 

In the film, you see this story unfolding with the appearance of two models. One is rigid and constrained, represented by the catwalk (a reference of Kiki’s past), while the other is free, fluid, ethereal and dancing confidently to an ambient , a representation of Kiki’s new liberated outlook. Towards the end of the video, the two models meet and as past and future come together, they become one. This fusion shows Kiki’s present state of mind, remembering her past, but also moving forward, evolving into her true self. While the stunning new collection stays true to the KIKIITO aesthetic, contemporary, minimalist aesthetics juxtaposed with ultra-modern lines and playful rubber elements, it is also a depiction of Kiki’s new state of mind and being. The 9 piece collection features buttery soft Italian nappa leather and rich, luxurious bridal leather. Designer Kiki Ito says:

This collection was inspired by life’s journey and its infinite paths and unexpected events. I wanted to express my own transformation - the experience I had during the pandemic throughout MUGEN Infinity - Kiki Ito


Although thrilled about this project, the deadline for submissions was on the 11th of September, meaning there was a tight time frame of three weeks to come up with a concept, get a team together and produce the final film. We went above and beyond to build the right team for this project. We want to give a special thanks to Kiki Ito - designer, Jared Behl - director and stylist, Verginia Stoyanova - our Founder and executive producer for this project, Joy Chen - assistant producer, Sam Cohen-Morgan - styling assistant, Alex Deitsch - cinematographer and editor, Michael Pearce - colourist, Macready Massey - camera assistant, Catarina Silva - still campaign photographer, Lauren Marshal - music producer, Daisy Moore - make up artist, Moe Mukai - hairstylist, Wing Leung and Elexa Tanner - models, and a huge thank you to Cre8 Studio. This project would not have been possible without each member of this prodigious team who all so quick to react and did exceptional work. 

Behind the scenes KIKIITO x YUGEN

After a strenuous but exciting three weeks, we are extremely proud of the outcome. The production process with Kiki has been a truly remarkable journey and makes us excited for the future and the opportunities it holds. Full Mugen Collection will be live and available for sale on YUGEN in mid October.

By Juliette Eleuterio


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