Crafting Fluidity and Elegance: Exploring the Inspirations and Creative Process of Laôma Atelier

A Journey into Laôma Atelier's Unique Jewelry Designs and Artistic Vision

Laôma Atelier is a jewelry brand that embraces the art of sculptural design, channeling creativity and elegance into its exquisite pieces. Founded by two sisters, their background in photography and metalsmithing serves as a wellspring of inspiration, infusing their designs with a distinct aesthetic and captivating allure. From the initial concept to the final product, Laôma Atelier's creative process is marked by experimentation, spontaneity, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. In this interview, we explore the intricate techniques and collaborations that contribute to their success, as well as their harmonious balance of contemporary aesthetics with traditional artistry. Join us as we delve into the world of Laôma Atelier, where each jewelry piece tells a unique story and celebrates the beauty of fluidity and elegance.

Yugen: Can you share the inspiration behind Laôma Atelier's sculptural and fluid jewelry designs, and how does your background in photography and metalsmithing influence your creative process?

Laura & Martine: We have always been fascinated by materials and the process of creation. When we first delved into carving wax and transforming metals into wearable sculptures, it resonated deeply with us. Jewelry-making holds a meditative and spiritual quality that parallels our love for yoga. This sense of fluidity permeates our designs. Our creative process involves self-experimentation, spontaneity, and occasional chaos. Photography and jewelry-making offer distinct avenues for self-expression. In fact, some of our earliest jewelry pieces were created specifically for photo shoots, often crafted until the last minute.

Yugen: How does Laôma Atelier prioritize responsible production and sustainability in your small-batch, made-to-order approach to jewelry making?

Laura & Martine: At Laôma Atelier, responsible production is paramount throughout our creative journey. We embrace a made-to-order or small-batch approach to avoid overproduction and unnecessary resource waste. Crafting our pieces in-house grants us greater control over sourcing materials and production volume. We use responsibly-sourced and recycled materials, with a focus on 935 Argentium Silver, certified for its exclusive use of recycled silver and enhanced traceability. This choice significantly minimizes our environmental impact. Moreover, we opt for natural alternatives like vegan polishing compounds and eschew toxic chemicals. Our aim is to generate minimal waste during our work process.

Yugen: As sisters, how do you collaborate and work together in designing and creating your collections? How do your individual strengths contribute to the brand's success?

Laura & Martine: Collaboration between us, as sisters, feels entirely natural. We share similar interests and values, allowing us to seamlessly work together on various aspects. While people often envision clearly defined tasks for each of us, we fluidly navigate multiple responsibilities.

Our conversations about life and personal ideas gradually evolve into tangible samples and collections. We leverage our individual strengths depending on the day and mood, offering support in different tasks and seamlessly switching when needed. Our harmonious collaboration helps us overcome challenges, especially during labor-intensive processes like sanding and polishing, we're sharing the load proves valuable. Thankfully, we rarely experience major disagreements.

Yugen: Building a brand in today's saturated market is challenging. Could you share the most difficult and best moments you've encountered so far?

Laura & Martine: Creating our own jewelry brand was an idea that originated years ago when the market was less saturated. However, from conceptualizing to actually learning the craft and launching our brand, time elapsed. The process of handling every aspect ourselves, from design to execution, proved time-consuming, particularly in the fast-paced fashion industry. It's challenging to maintain a feasible price point while competing with brands that produce fast fashion jewelry at low prices, often exploiting low-wage workers in countries with limited labor protections. The prevalence of misleading terms like "handmade" further complicates raising awareness about production origins. We exist in a world where people have grown disconnected from the products they purchase.

The jewelry industry, like fashion, faces the need for ethical and sustainable transformations. Recognizing the jewelry industry's connection to the negative aspects of fashion was a challenge, contrary to our initial assumptions when we began our craft. Nonetheless, moments of gratitude arise when we witness the resonance of our pieces and values with customers, leading to support from retailers, stylists, and beloved galleries.

Yugen: How do you incorporate your inspirations from nature and the vibrant energy of big cities into your jewelry designs? Can you provide specific examples?

Laura & Martine: Our brand draws inspiration from the dynamic aspects of city life and the serene beauty of nature. Striving to find a balance between the two, we infuse these influences into our jewelry designs. For instance, our LAVA ring series embodies the spontaneity and unpredictability of nature. It serves as a reminder of the creative yet destructive power that lies beneath the surface of both nature and humanity. These designs capture the essence of strength and fragility, evoking a profound and philosophical sentiment.

Another example is our Liquified Tribal body chain, which pays homage to the freedom of expression prevalent in the tribal culture of the 90s and early 2000s—an era we grew up in. While drawing inspiration from the vibrant techno clubbing scene in cities like Berlin, our tribal designs exhibit organic, fluid forms that mirror the softness found in nature. This fusion of contrasting elements creates a unique aesthetic that we truly appreciate.

Yugen: How does your involvement in all aspects of art direction, including photography and videos, contribute to the overall aesthetic and storytelling of your brand?

Laura & Martine: Our brand has always embraced a multi-faceted approach, allowing us to explore various creative avenues. By immersing ourselves in art direction, photography, and videography, we can weave together a compelling narrative and aesthetic for our brand.

Through photography and crafting alike, we have the ability to create dream-like worlds, bringing our visions to life. This hands-on approach enables us to have greater creative freedom, ensuring that every aspect of our brand's storytelling aligns with our vision. By overseeing the entire art direction process, we can meticulously curate an immersive experience for our audience, allowing them to connect with the essence of our brand.

Yugen: Finally, how do you envision the future of Laôma Atelier, and what are your aspirations for the brand in terms of sustainability, craftsmanship, and creative expression?

Laura & Martine: Laôma Atelier is an ever-evolving experimental project, constantly seeking new avenues for growth. Given the intricate nature of jewelry making and the myriad techniques to explore, we look forward to embarking on further experimentation in the future. While managing the business aspects alongside our creative pursuits can be challenging, we remain committed to carving out time for extensive experimentation in our studio—a process that we truly cherish. Additionally, we aspire to expand our creative horizons beyond jewelry and delve deeper into accessories and objects. Exploring different materials and working on a different scale will enable us to push the boundaries of our craftsmanship.

Throughout this journey, sustainability remains a core value for us, ensuring responsible production, the use of recycled materials, and minimizing waste. Ultimately, our brand seeks to continually express our unique creative vision while maintaining a deep commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

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