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In the past few months, we all have had an interesting relationship with 'the future' as a concept. National states of emergencies were announced, leaving some jobless and many stripped off of their sense of security and stability. The unsettling present and general lack of clarity, has forced us to imagine and explore an array of potential futures.  

Staying true to our vision and mission, and to keep spirits up in these times, we turned to our community and engaged them in a challenge. We prompted visual creators to send us their wildest takes on what the the future holds. Creative juices flowed, and great ideas landed in our inbox.
It was tough to pick the winners, as many great artists deserve recognition. However, we are proud to present below the three winners of our challenge. As promised we are donating a small sum for each submission received. This month we donated to Black Lives Matter

Maxence Guenin and Cyriane Rawyler

Are two art students in Switzerland working together since 2018.

"Through photography, fashion and design we try to transmit an aesthetic vision and understand the world that’s ahead of us."

How to look into the future and not see the tragic future that awaits us. It is in this perspective that we have oriented our work to transmit a strange feeling of fear through a series of photographs. With a base of cold color and with the addition of a technological device, we tried to recreate a bionic atmosphere, which may be, in a near future a real threat. 

Yugen Looking into the Future

The cold blank stare of a population devoid of hope for their future. An approach that is at once denouncing, while retaining a lightness so that the spectator focuses on the aesthetic in the first place. Inspired by artist like Facal MatterLea Colombo or Isshehungry, the goal was to recreate this post apocalyptique atmosphere in a very simple way.

Yugen Into the Future


Other World

The name Other World refers to the other-worldly nature of his art pieces and how they depict images that seem to only be possible in an alternate universe.
Other World is now expanding his pieces from the digital world into the print and product design. 

yugen other world

"I believe that art is meant to deliver messages. Sometimes my art pieces have an obvious message, but some have a message that requires deeper investigation."
The DEAD SUMMER collection is the first collection of physical pieces now being implemented into the artist's first clothing capsule. You can find all the pieces at HERE

Yugen Other World Art

The DEAD SUMMER collection is composed of art pieces reflecting the current state of the world seen through the trippy psychedelic lens of the artist.

"I want to inspire people through mixing colors, textures, and photography pieces. My psychedelic collages are meant to illicit emotions in the viewer."

Yugen Other World

Genette Dibsdall 

Genette is a Creative Practitioner with over a decade of fashion industry experience, including a Master of Arts with Distinction in critical design and sustainability. She is the founder of Anthropocene Studios, the Co-founder of Aerc, and a guest lecturer in the School of Fashion and Textiles.
Genette specializes in the disciplines of Design, Creative Art Direction, Consulting, Lecturing, and Research with an expert focus on sustainability, material futures, and product design. She collectively works with global agencies, brands, clients + universities offering a range of creative services.
Genette is currently research active towards a Material Futures Ph.D. which explores the intersection of design, science, and technology in circular and sustainable materials.

Anthropocene Studio Project
Anthropocene Studio is materialized through mediums of social commentary, immersive art + disruptive products with a focus on research, material futures, and sustainable design.  The first conceptual project for Anthropocene was conceived as a critique of our current epoch; which marks the dominant influence of humans' impact on our planet. With the purpose to create a provocation and to encourage change by producing luxury products from waste. 

Yugen Anthropocene

The Maverick is a transformable luxury garment, remade using local discarded tents. The name comes from the original waste site, namely the Maverick Field campsite at Boardmasters 2018. The Maverick is a multi-use garment that transforms into a Cape, a Napsack, and a Tree Tent. This functional and sculptural approach throws out the rule book on traditional fashion practices; highlighting the value of waste resources and how we can use what we have.

by Verginia Stoyanova

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