Nadia Ridiandries: Crafting Timeless Jewelry with Ethical Values

An Interview with Nadia Ridiandries on Creative Process, Inclusivity, and Entrepreneurship

Embark on a journey into the world of Nadia Ridiandries, she stands out for her unique approach and commitment to ethical values. With a background in fashion and textile design, Nadia brings a fresh perspective to her jewelry-making process, creating versatile pieces that can be cherished and passed down through generations. In this interview, we delve into Nadia's journey as a jewelry designer, her vision of inclusivity, and the challenges she has overcome as an entrepreneur. Join us as we explore the inspiring world of Nadia Ridiandries and gain insights into her creative process, commitment to inclusivity, and aspirations for the future.

YUGEN: Can you tell us more about your background in fashion and textile design, and how it has influenced your journey as a jewelry designer?

Nadia: My journey in jewelry making began during my school days when I sold handmade bracelets. However, it was my study of fashion and textile design at the University of Technology, Sydney that truly shaped my perspective. Through experimentation and exploration of various materials, including fabrics for wearable and sculptural garments, I rediscovered my passion for jewelry making and incorporated it into my creative process.

YUGEN: What inspired you to establish Nadia Ridiandries as a creative outlet and utilize existing materials in your designs?

Nadia: Creating has always been a passion of mine, not just for personal satisfaction but also to share with others. The invaluable lessons I learned in school motivated me to start my own brand and embark on a journey of sharing my creations. The inspiration for using existing materials came from a practical standpoint—I had an abundance of leftover materials from my final collection at university, which sparked the idea of repurposing them into stunning pearl necklaces.

YUGEN: How has your recent relaunch in 2021 influenced your business and designs, and what changes have you implemented since your debut on Etsy in 2014?

Nadia: The relaunch in 2021 has been transformative for my business and designs. Over the years, I have grown as a designer, and taking a break from selling my creations allowed me to evolve my brand identity and refine my work. Since my Etsy debut in 2014, I have made significant changes to the structure of my business. Implementing a made-to-order system and engaging with my audience through social media has not only helped me better understand my customers' preferences but has also enabled me to connect with them on a digital level.

YUGEN: Your designs are often described as organic, fluid, and timeless. Could you shed some light on your creative process and how you allow the materials to guide your designs?

Nadia: Staying true to my creative process is essential to me, and I strive to maintain a sense of authenticity in my work. While external influences are inevitable, I endeavor to let the materials themselves guide my designs. Often, I dive straight into crafting without relying heavily on sketches, allowing the materials to inspire and shape the final outcome. However, on occasions when I need to channel and organize my ideas, I find sketching to be a valuable tool for releasing my creativity.

YUGEN: Nadia Ridiandries places a strong emphasis on using recycled metal and unique gemstones sourced locally and globally. Could you elaborate on your commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing in your jewelry-making process?

Nadia: Sustainability and ethical sourcing are cornerstones of my jewelry-making process. Over time, I have learned the importance of avoiding bulk material sourcing, instead opting for a made-to-order system that minimizes waste. By resisting the urge to follow fleeting trends, I steer clear of mass-produced items and focus on creating timeless pieces. When it comes to gemstones, I conscientiously source from companies that prioritize ethical mining practices, ensuring minimal disruption to the environment by implementing re-landscaping and re-seeding strategies that leave the land in a better state than before.

YUGEN: Your jewelry is designed to be inclusive, versatile, and cherished for generations. Can you elaborate on your vision for creating pieces that can be loved by people of all backgrounds and worn for any occasion?

Nadia: I believe there is a profound connection between individuals and meaningful jewelry pieces that can withstand the test of time. It's a beautiful feeling to hold onto an item that carries significance. Through custom orders, I've had the privilege of connecting with customers and bringing their unique ideas to life. Some seek to express their individuality, while others want to symbolize important moments in their lives. I firmly believe that jewelry has the power to hold deep meaning and significance for someone.

YUGEN: What challenges have you faced as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur, and how have you overcome them to build and grow your business?

Nadia: One of the significant challenges I've encountered is the temptation to compare myself to other jewelry designers and entrepreneurs. In a highly competitive environment, especially when using social media as the main selling platform, it's easy to get caught up in comparisons. However, I've learned to remind myself that each of us is on a unique path. I've consciously shifted my focus to having fun with my work and not taking it too seriously. Setting both short and long-term goals has also helped me stay focused and avoid comparing myself to others.

YUGEN: Can you share some memorable moments or proud achievements from your journey with Nadia Ridiandries?

Nadia: I've had the honor of receiving recognition from stylists, photographers, singers, and artists from around the world, and those have been some of my proudest moments. Even a simple "like" on my Instagram photos from notable individuals like Bella Hadid and Addison Rae has been really cool moment! Also, having my pieces featured in magazines such as RUSSH and Nylon Mag has been incredibly rewarding.

YUGEN: How do you envision the evolution of Nadia Ridiandries within the ever-changing landscape of fashion and jewelry? What are your goals for the brand in the coming years?

Nadia: I've received heartwarming messages from customers expressing how my jewelry has aided them during identity transitions and strengthened their relationships. It gives me hope that my brand will continue to empower individuals to express themselves and spread love through my creations. Looking ahead, I aspire to have a physical storefront where customers can try on my pieces in person. Additionally, I have a dream of expanding into clothing and accessories once again.

YUGEN: Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring jewelry designers or entrepreneurs who wish to start their own creative businesses and make a positive impact in the industry?

Nadia: My advice would be to pursue your creative business out of genuine passion, rather than following trends or trying to fit in. Stay true to yourself and your unique vision. Conduct thorough research to understand the industry and its trends, and equip yourself with knowledge and skills. But most importantly, have fun with what you do, because that energy and joy will reflect in your work and resonate with others.

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