A collection of scarves born from a collaboration between Salvatore and artist Claudio Aritzu. A hymn to Basilicata, the designer’s place of origin, and to its traditions.

The Lucan legend of the Mocachicchio is one of times past: a joker spirit in the form of a child with a big red hat. This spirit appears during the day and plays with the young ones... tickling their feet or pinching their arms. He loves to joke around, and if you are able to steal his hat and hold it in your fist, he will show you where priceless treasures are buried.

Salvatore Vignola is inspired by memories of his childhood for his foulard collection, created for the SS21 Alta Moda fashion show. He recalls the days when he used to venture among the stones and ruins of the Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Aspro, at Villa d'Agri, in Basilicata. The collections pieces are a collaboration between Salvatore and Claudio Aritzu, senior print designer at Dries Van Noten and London College of Fashion graduate. Together they created a series of silk prints that represent medieval miniatures, connected to the history of Monachiccio, but with a modern twist thanks to the colour choices and Salvatore Vignola’s logo.

Concetta and Rafaella, the twin sisters featured in these pictures, are young women from Villa d’Agri, Salvatore Vignola's home country in Basilicata, and represent the aesthetic of the Lucan woman. In addition to the foulards, Salvatore has also made a collection of jewellery. The pieces are inspired by the ancient amulets used to avert the tiny spirit, religious symbolism, and the coins of ancient Rome present in the Lucanian subsoil (the prize for those who manage to take Monachicchio's hat). The pictures were taken inside the Museo delle tradizioni in Viggiano (Basilicata). Shop Salvatore's Latest range here


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