Soulland was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. Through Soulland, Silas Adler, Creative Director and Jacob Kampp Berliner, CEO, present their take on the modern clothing brand.



With design principles and aestethics deeply rooted in artisanship, Soulland produces high quality menswear with a timeless twist. Soulland strives to support independent manufacturers and believes that sourcing as locally as possible will create healthier local relationships and environments.

Soulland notably sources materials from production facilities in Italy, France and Portugal, increasingly focusing on GOTS certified factories and the idea of Sustainability.

Soulland’s philosophy serves the goal of creating garments with a contemporary and cutting edge feel whilst putting emphasis on subtle touches, both with regards to design and materials.

Their first flagship store in Copenhagen opened in August 2013, which in addition to showcasing latest collections also is home to pop-up concerts and social events. 

Growing up in the skate community of Copenhagen, Silas Adler, Soulland's Creative Director, looked up to Eric Koston as one of his main sources of inspiration. It, therefore, felt like a story was coming full-circle when Numbers and Soulland made the decision to collaborate. 

“Working with Eric on the Nike projects turned into a friendship, and it feels natural to continue to work on something together,” says Adler. “Numbers and Soulland have many similarities in the way we work and operate and both brands are run by a group of friends based on love and motivation.”

Inspired by art collages hanging in the Soulland office, the collaboration includes a T-shirt, hoodie, bowling shirt with allover print, and multiple skateboards, one by each pro rider from the Numbers team.

Soulland and Numbers meet around their love for Skateboarding to create boards and apparel inspired by art collages, put together by Silas Adler, hanging at the Soulland offices. 




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