With the start of the new year and Fashion Weeks 22 behind us, new and re-emerging trends, shapes and colours have come front of mind and circulating heavily in our social accounts. The FOMO is real!

To keep you ahead of your fashion game, we are releasing another YUGEN10 highlighting the hottest trends of this year coming from the fashion runways as well as pop culture. We have paired each trend with the perfect items straight from the best-emerging sustainable designers around the world.  



The headwear trend has been increasing since the rise of the crocheting wave in 2021. From something to everything from hoods, headscarves, balaclavas, beanies, in the year 2022, accessories no longer hold one function. Having a dual purpose in garments is crucial in planning outfits while prioritizing sustainability. Katharina Dubbick has created the Hood Scarf in four pastel colour waves that integrate both a headpiece and a top. Moreover, hyper-textured headwear from brands such as NOT YET FYI has taken a new approach to establish a softened look to the headwear trend. They have invented the hand-knitted Alpaca & Wool blend bonnet providing cover and comfort for every season.



Another ongoing trend from 2021 is deconstructed fashion. So, what is deconstructed fashion? Often seen in Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo, deconstructed fashion refers to fashion pieces that look ‘unfinished’ and in the midst of experimentation. Deconstructed items can be identified with exposed seams, lack of fabric, misplacement of hems, distressing. Giorgiandreazza is a prime example of an Italian brand focusing on deconstructed fashion with a focus on dynamism and creativity mixed with unique tailoring. Giorgiandreazza’s new 2022 pieces highlight hand-knitted mohair pants with raw edges and textile-based bodysuits and shirts with unconventional cutouts. 



With the rise of Y2K fashion and post-pandemic spirits, statement jewellery has been the go-to for the upcoming spring/summer seasons. Maximalist jewellery trend takes form in spicing up minimalist fashion and everyday casual outfits. YUGEN has recently launched an exclusive collaboration with Different Bugs, a Boston-based handcrafted jewellery brand. Sabrina Harris, the creator of Different Bugs, pulls inspiration from the joys of childhood nostalgia and magical realism, translating them to create chunky flashy necklaces. HELENA THULIN is another brand creating pieces perfect for the spring season. Flowers and their fragility inspire Thulin to design simple and delicate jewells while incorporating luxurious crystals and beads techniques. In contrast to the Y2K style, APHER JEWELRY & SOLIDS is a brand that embraces peaceful elegance, playfulness and feminine chaos. Using materials such as water pearls and crystals along with metalwork, APHER creates statement pieces that elevate the elegant flavour. 


Platform shoes have been embedded into the footwear scene for as long as we remember, however, lately they have become more daring. Seen on the Versace and Valentino runway, platform pumps and wedges have become a staple in everybody’s wardrobe. Creating an artistic twist from luxury designer looks, Helena Stölting has created the Slime Sandals, Slime Wedges, and Slime Heels, that melt to achieve the mysterious and daunting look. There is something so potent about walking in Slime Sandals to the beach on a hot summer day.



Basics are a staple to one’s wardrobe. In the year 2022, basics have transformed into low-key luxury. Low-key refers to ultra-luxury garments that are wearable. The garments aren’t boring, but rather buildable and interchangeable: an LBD, a statement blazer, or even a twist on the classic white shirt. From a voluminous black blazer to the textured jumper, Habey Club’s new collection is a set of minimal coloured items with strong silhouettes. Salih Balta, a Turkey-based brand also creates a similar aesthetic with a twist on basic garments and a strong focus on corsets. Balta takes white shirts and turns them into bodysuits as well as creates unconventional corset skirts. Within Korean fashion, ZONON is known for its playful and elaborate tailoring, mixed with textures and prints. With her affectionate look at the twisted and rebellious souls of subcultures, Yunjin, the designer of ZONON focuses on asymmetrical draping and business casual garments. 



2022 is all about exaggerating and adding flash to outfits. Fringe is a trend that has been on the rise from festival wear to bohemian style. Fringe works on accessories items and glamorizes each piece. Sydney Pimbley, a London based designer incorporates fringe from the bohemian top and skirt set up to the knit fringe top that focuses on creating a modern everyday outfit with a twist.


japanese brand

Japanese streetwear has been an uprising trend since the early 2000s and it has recently taken a new turn to a futuristic and sporty aesthetic. At YUGEN, we focus on curating international brands that strive for timeless innovations. Chloma, Balmung, and Cycle by MYOB are among our top running Japanese brands that strive for uniqueness and independence within their cultural style. Chloma focuses on garments that have a futuristic and Outer space energy, while Cycle takes a relaxed and sporty approach to Japanese streetwear. Balmung lies between the two, bridging the gap between comfort and futuristic. Taking inspiration from the avant-garde style and centering their ideologies on self-expression, the three brands represent the uprising of Japanese fashion. 


mini bags

Let’s be honest Mini bags are the it girls of 2021 and 2022. From luxury brands to independent designers, the tiny assembled bags have been the go-to every season. The mini bags align with the less is more approach to fashion pushing us to carry only the essentials. Juxtaposing modern aesthetics and materials with applied craftsmanship, KIKIITO has a strong focus on minimalist design with effortless style. Similarly, SKERGETH with its clean design has ultra mini bags in mouthwatering pastel colour waves perfect for the spring and summer season. For those in need of unique vibrant accessories, Giorgiandreazza has released Bergie bags in lilac, green and denim. 



Just as the show was a hit globally, there is no escaping the Euphoria-themed fashion. Ever since its first season in 2019, the show has taken over the internet and the Gen-Z fashion community. We have not a great choice of word -selected three brands that carry the ultimate  Euphoria looks.


Maddie on Euphoria has distinctive bold looks that align with Gangyoung’s alluring and youthful look. Often inspired by 90's fashion and luxury sportswear re-contextualised into a contemporary style, Gangyoung’s laced cut out tops can be dressed interchangeably with various bottoms and accessories. 


In contrast to Maddie’s extravagant looks, Cassie’s outfits lean towards a delicate and feminine appearance. Toile Studios focuses on creating modern women’s workwear. With pastel sets that can be layered and paired in various ways, Toile Studios make the perfect Cassie style. 


Kat’s sexy killer looks can be achieved through Ellis Jaz’s elaborate lingerie pieces, designed to flatter and empower the female body. Ellis Jaz’s intricately constructed garments emphasise a strong focus on erotica and performance. From leather dresses, harnesses, to bra tops, Ellis Jaz creates items that accentuate the female body. 



Legendary designers such as Vivienne Westwood in the 1960s has led the path of punk fashion for decades and it has now taken a new approach in the modern-day. Fuelled by a unique approach to bringing stories and fantasy to life, Lula Laora crafts slow fashion made-to-order items that rebel against fast fashion. With edgy textile and patterns, Lula Laora creates unisex collections that prioritize self-expression. Lula Laora’s garments can be paired with Maŕa Peralta Studio’s statement jewellery pieces. Straight from New York, they identify themselves with functionality, uniformity and attachment through stainless steel chain necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. 

By Nana Kiyoshige

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