Claire Normand

Claire Normand is the brand named after its founder and maker Claire. The jewelry pieces are thought of as wearable sculptures featuring one of a kind stones. All pieces are unique and hand-carved by Claire in her Parisian workshop, following lapidary savoir-faire. Collections feature a highlighted stone in a limited number of pieces, rejecting mass production with automatic renewal. Claire works in collaboration with marble industries to valorize the scraps of stones issued from their production.

Claire studied lapidary techniques with artists in China and in New Zealand. Her desire is to show the beauty of the stones by enhancing their unique patterns and flaws. She wants to free them from calibrated templates by cutting bold and asymmetric shapes. Every collection is initiated by a meditative contemplation of the stones and a fantasy about its hidden secrets.

Date Added: October 2020 --  Designed: Paris, France --  Manufactured: Paris, France