Eirinn Hayhow

‘See the beauty in everything, find the light in the darkness.’ Inspired by the exquisite juxtaposition of trash and haute-couture, vintage and contemporary, EIRINN HAYHOW – a London-based designer label – is leading the gender-fluid high-vibe couture conversation. Stamped with EIRINN HAYHOW’s unique painterly artworks and motifs influenced by the daily “absurdities” found in everything, from the smiling faces in chewing gum to the shadows of concrete buildings, each creation is a beautiful reinterpretation of classical styles and forms into contemporary punk glamour. Exclusively made from salvaged surplus fabrics and eco-friendly fibres naturally coloured with vegetable dyes, EIRINN HAYHOW’s high-vibe alternative couture introduce the wearer to a unique stylistic interpretation, of serotonin inducing kaleidoscopic colours.

Designed by Erin Hayhow

Date Added: 2020 --  Designed: London --  Manufactured: London