EX CITIZN is a contemporary unisex wear brand for young people that started in London, England. It focuses on the minimalist and avant-garde design in the future, combined with the texture that pays attention to details. EX CITIZN studios are based in London and Shanghai. The two young brand founders both graduated from the London College of Fashion. JOY CHEN is the designer and creative director. YINUO LI is in charge of 3D digitisation and art direction. 

In the past year, everything became more electronic than ever. Therefore, in the preparation time of the past year, EX CITIZN has truly achieved the sustainable development of fashion from the initial design to the final production, using computer 3D patterning and digital sample preparation throughout the process. In that way we are eliminating waste of the the pattern-making paper and the fabric for sampling. They brought all 3D virtual garments from the computer to real life with precision. Because their design implements the minimalist and pioneering sense of the future, customers of all styles can choose to buy the physical or virtual version. They also selectively provide online virtual fitting services for our VIP customers and KOLs.

EX CITIZN is not only a clothing brand, but a new fashion lifestyle—a new world that combines virtual and reality.