KIKIITO is the brainchild of designer and artisan, Kiki Ito. Her bags are designed and handmade in London using high quality Italian leather, juxtaposing modern aesthetics and materials with applied craftsmanship. Strong, passionate, simple and always authentic, KIKIITO focuses on what it feels like as much as what it looks like. Giving you a feeling of strength and the confidence to be yourself. Inspired by Kiki’s own experiences in Japan, LA and London and her personal journey. The latest collection JO-NETSU references the concepts of determination and suppleness, inspired by her childhood passion for gymnastics. Minimalist in design and adornment yet inherently strong and flexible thanks to the symbolic use of flexible neoprene rubber cord, JO-NETSU empowers wearers to create their own effortless style.

Designed by Kiki Ito - Discover her story

Date Added: May 2020 --  Designed: United Kingdom --  Manufactured: United Kingdom