YUGEN is a progressive platform for contemporary fashion & creative liberation. Merging e-commerce & magazine culture to challenge our audience & tell stories that matter. We are building an empowered community of creatives and change-makers, designers and disruptors. We believe in a world where great people come together to share common values and make a positive impact.

Our platform is focused on curating independent, unique and sustainable fashion, helping designers expand their reach and connect with their target audience on a global scale. We work closely with our designers to help create visual and written content, collaborate on projects and help to discover new ideas, concepts and styles.

Our Sustainability Pledge

One of our core company values is to 'create a positive impact', something we ask not only of ourselves but also our customers, clients and every member of the Yugen community. What is a positive impact? This can be a simple as delivering a great product to our customers, or on a grander scale, trying to leave a lasting beneficial impact on our planet. We are strong advocates for sustainability, and in-particular sustainable business practices. We try hard to curate and present sustainable fashion brands and proudly display these characteristics on every brand page. However, we recognise this in itself is not enough and we can better, so we decided on a sustainability pledge - 

'We pledge to donate 1% of all our sales (not just profits!) to supporting sustainable causes" 

We want to try and give back to the community and will be putting this money towards anything and all things sustainable, whether that be a designer who is using an innovative sustainable production technique, an artist promoting sustainability awareness, or even a charity we feel is doing great things. Over time we hope to be able to increase the percentage of sales we give away, and we will be regularly posting updates about where the money is being allocated to keep our community informed.

We want to hear from you!

We are always looking for ways to improve our platform, improve our service, or further connect with our community. If you have any big ideas, or would like to get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out and Contact us via email at: info@weareyugen.com or phone: +44 7784 674 436 

Our Partners

A special thanks goes to The Fore Kings Cross for providing our growing team with access to an amazing co-working space. For anyone looking for a co-working arrangement (or just a great gym!) please check them out :)