YUGEN is a progressive platform for contemporary fashion & creative liberation. Merging e-commerce & magazine culture to challenge our audience & tell stories that matter. We are building an empowered community of creatives and change-makers, designers and disruptors around the globe. 

Our platform is focused on curating independent, unique and sustainable fashion, helping designers expand their reach and connect with their target audience on a global scale. We work closely with our designers to help create visual and written content, collaborate on projects and accomplish their brand goals. 

We believe in a world where fashion brands create positive impact on culture, communities and inspire creativity and self-expression. We have handpicked brands who produce responsibly in their own studios and ship the products directly to you. Each piece has a story and is most often custom finished specially for you. 

A special thanks goes to The Fore Kings Cross for providing our growing team with access to an amazing co-working space. For anyone looking for a co-working arrangement (or just a great gym!) please check them out :)