As a global platform we strive to provide the best possible shipping rates for our customers. As part of our unique and curated collection, our brands are located throughout the world which can make shipping difficult. To try and ship to as many countries as possible, we operate under a fixed fee structure as below. 

We provide shipping coverage across the three major continental zones - Europe, North America and Asia. At present we do not offer shipping outside of these zones, however please reach out to us if you fall outside these zones and we can try and accommodate custom orders. 

If you are purchasing from our platform and have trouble with shipping rates being too high, please reach out to us at and we will also try to accommodate.


Shipping Rates 

Common Zone: All orders sent and received in the same zone (Europe / US / Asia) are subject to a £12.50 flat fee and 3-5 day delivery. Free shipping on orders over £200. An example of an order which would qualify would be an EU based customer ordering from an EU based brand. The majority of our brands are EU based at present, however we plan to rapidly add other international brands to the platform.

International Orders (non-common zone): All orders which are sent and received in non-common zones are subject to a £25 flat fee and 1-2 week delivery (depending on location). Free shipping on orders over £300. An example of an order which would quality would be a US based customer ordering from an EU based brand. 


Bespoke Pieces or Made-to-order

Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited run items, which have been handmade by our designers. In such cases, the designer may need a few days to finish making your piece, which may extend delivery times. We have clearly marked this on the relevant product pages, and hope you can bear the wait to receive a truly unique item.