Our Sustainability Pledge 

One of our core company values is to 'create a positive impact', something we ask not only of ourselves but also our customers, clients and every member of the Yugen community. What is a positive impact? This can be a simple as delivering a great product to our customers, or on a grander scale, trying to leave a lasting beneficial impact on our planet. We are strong advocates for sustainability, and in-particular sustainable business practices. We try hard to curate and present sustainable fashion brands and proudly display these characteristics on every brand page. However, we recognise this in itself is not enough and we can better, so we decided on a sustainability pledge - 

'We pledge to donate 1% of all our sales (not just profits!) to supporting sustainable causes" 

We want to try and give back to the community and will be putting this money towards anything and all things sustainable, whether that be a designer who is using an innovative sustainable production technique, an artist promoting sustainability awareness, or even a charity we feel is doing great things. Over time we hope to be able to increase the percentage of sales we give away, and we will be regularly posting updates about where the money is being allocated to keep our community informed. 


 Organic - this garment is made from certified organic fibre, meaning that there were no fertilizers (harmful chemicals) used during the fibre cultivation process. This feature makes the garment more gentle to the Planet, People involved in the farming process and your skin. 

Applies to: organic cotton, organic wool

Natural - the definition will depend on whether it is natural fabric or fabric dyed with natural/ non-toxic dyes 

1) this garment is made from natural plant-based fibre, no chemicals were included in the process of fabric production

Applies to: cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, seaweed

2) this garment is made from natural animal-based  fibre, no chemicals were included in the process of fabric production 

Applies to: wool, angora, silk

3) this garment is made using natural non-chemical dyes

4) this garment is made from natural fibre and plant-based dyes 

Recycled - this garment is made from recycled material: a number of used materials (either post-consumer or post-production waste) went through the recycling process in order to be turned into a brand new material basis (might have been mixed with virgin or another type of fibre). 

Upcycled - this is a unique piece which has been made from reusing and transforming not-in-use garments

Applies to: post-consumer waste, post-production waste, dead stock

Vintage - a unique piece of clothing from previous decades. By reusing the old garment you are prolonging its life-cycle and preventing it from ending up in the landscape. 

Vegan - this is a cruelty-free garment, meaning that it is made using no animal-based fibres as feathers, fur, leather, animal hair. 

Applies for: leather alternatives, vegan silk 

Innovation - this garment is made using recent scientifically developed materials using highly innovative technology. Please read more in 'about' section. (explain about each more in detail in the 'about' section)

Applies for: cactus leather, fibre made from potato waste (Parblex), down jacket made from flower petals…. I can research these cool stuff and probably write an article on super cool innovations!

Circular - this garment is designed to be reused into another garment once you have worn it out. (Explaining more into detail individually by brand) 

Example of Sabinna’s circular t-shirt - this garment is made to be remade into another garment once you have worn it out. Sabinna has made this t-shirt in collaboration with TeeMill: each t-shirt has a label with QR code inside-once you have worn out the t-shirt you can ship it free of charge to TeeMill cotton recycling centre

Social Impact - by purchasing this garment you are contributing to a good social cause

(explaining what exactly, as every brand supports different charities etc)

Example:  by purchasing this garment you are contributing to a good social cause- supporting Nigerian artisan society. The Origin brand donates 50% of its total profits to the  Nigerian Independent Artisans Charity. 

Transparent - this brand is communicating authentically about its supply chain, labour and processes used during the production to the external audience- including customers, stakeholders and the community. Transparency applies to the use of blockchain technology too.